Valentine’s Day in Paris

Paris is known as the city of love. So, there is obviously no better place to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Paris is known as the city of love. So, there is obviously no better place to celebrate Valentine’s Day. On the 14th of February there are a lot of activities you can do. What do you think of a cruise on the Seine, a magical evening in a cabaret or visiting a gourmet restaurant? Paris has everything to offer to make sure your Valentine’s Day will be one to remember. Enjoy your stay in our luxury boutique hotel in Paris 8!

A nice start of the day is a brunch in one of the well-known French patisseries. What do you think of a nice croissant or crepe with a glass of champagne? At Café des Lettres you will find mainly locals and you can get a taste of the real Parisian feeling. If you are looking for gluten free or organic options, then is Biosphère Café the best option. Buddha Bar offers a brunch buffet and has a wide variety of foods for everyone.

In case you want to make a picnic with your love you can visit the Temple of Love. It is located in the middle of the lake Bois de Vincennes, the largest public park in the city. With many small shops for cheese, bread and wine you can combine your lover’s favorite cold cuts and surprise them with something special.

After brunch it is time to see some of the hotspots of Paris and during Valentine’s Day you cannot miss out on the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is the place to be to celebrate your love. Another option that is definitely worth it is a cruise on the Seine. It is possible to combine this with a romantic dinner. If the weather is good you will see why Paris is called the city of love. Many couples dance tango at mini amphitheaters during the evenings.

After dinner you can go and visit one of the many professional cabarets Paris has to offer. You will get a top show with the best performances that go behind your imagination. And you need to say I love you on the Montmartre wall. This wall is in heart shape and says I love you in almost every language that exists. Try to figure out which language says I love you is a nice puzzle.

After this trip through Paris on Valentine’s Day, it is time to relax. At Hotel Bowmann Paris you can enjoy our luxury rooms and beds to take your well-deserved rest after this intriguing day in the city of Love.

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