Undoubtedly, Paris is one of the magical cities in the entire universe. Even during Christmas holiday periods where you’ll be welcomed with stunning and brilliant decorations that spark different lights across the city. You also get mulled by hot wines as well as roasting chestnuts as you browse through the ever-busy Christmas markets. Come discover the city of lights and stay at our luxury boutique hotel in Paris.

The tips we’ll be revealing here is centered on having a luxury Christmas in Paris. While there is an endless list of things to engage in across every nooks and cranny, the ones we’ve revealed here are what you should not miss.

Whether you have planned a luxury Christmas for a large family or just with few friends, visiting Paris during this coming Christmas is a great idea. Keep reading to discover the great ways to pass your time and enjoy the optimum luxury time during this fast approaching Christmas period.

Visit the Galeries Lafayette

Whenever you visit Paris for Christmas, the Galleries Lafayette is a must-visit tourist center for you. This is a famous shopping center that has a giant Christmas tree. There is nothing more immaculate than the Christmas tree situated in Galeries Lafayette. From the toddlers to the adults in your family, the Parisian hallmarks remain an exciting and fascinating sight for everyone.

Every year, there is usually a tree put up at every end of October, and everyone comes to visit these stunning festive decorations. This Christmas tree displays intricate and beautiful colors with new designs every year.
In addition, you can also enjoy a cup of drink at the Galeries Lafayette Rooftop Terrace, a dome situated next to the giant Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree in Galleries Lafayette

Move Down the Champs-Elysees

During the Christmas period, the iconic street has already bucket list of activities. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Champs-Elysees

As the year goes by, the beautiful trees that line the famous street of Champs-Elysees are covered in lights. This alone makes this site a lovely place to see when you drive by or on foot. From mid-December, the unique Christmas lights are turned on and sparkles red lights that illuminate and shines forth from 5 pm to 2 am. During Christmas periods, this light shines all night long. Indeed, this remains one of the luxury places to visit during the coming Christmas.

Eiffel Tower at Christmas

Visit the Eiffel Towers

No matter the time of the year you are visiting Paris, the Eiffel Tower remains one of the things that contribute to a luxury Christmas in Paris. Interestingly, this site is even more enchanting during Christmas.

Every year at Trocadero, Christmas markets are opened annually. At this market, you’ll have a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower to execute exclusive shopping. This event is filled with delicious delicacies available for purchase. Apart from that, you’ll also be able to sight children waiting to skate on the ice.

Whether you find a hotel near the Eiffel Tower or not, the Village de Noel has to be on your luxury Christmas bucket list

There you have it! Few of the great ways to have a luxury Christmas in Paris. Undoubtedly, there are several other excellent ways to have luxury Christmas in Paris. In fact, the list is endless. What are you waiting for? Come and stay at our luxury hotel on Haussmann Boulevard.