The Opéra Garnier in Paris is a beautiful neo-baroque building with great ornamentation and decorative richness, very typical of the period of its construction, the nineteenth century. The city of Paris is full of impressive buildings and without a doubt the Palais Garnier will not leave you indifferent. Come to the city of light and fall in love with this luxury experience in a Parisian luxury hotel on Haussmann Boulevard.

Also known as Palazzo Garnier or simply Opera de Paris, the Palais Garnier  is located in the IX district of Paris. Built under the manato of Napoleón III, is a construction of style neo-baroque attributed to the architect Charles Garnier of who would adopt the name.

A bit of history…

In 1672, after the insistence of the composer Jean-Baptiste Lully, King Louis XIV, authorized the construction of the Royal Academy of Music. This institution would be formed by different disciplines such as ballet, music and opera. In 1713 the king, a great passionate of both the Ballet and the opera, managed to make this institution in principle private, a state institution, incorporating a professional dance corps into the opera, which would soon become known as the Ballet of the Opera.

In 1858, after the reorganization that Napoleon III orchestrated in the city of Paris, this building occupying the 12,000 m² needed for the construction of the second Opera House were demolished, a theater that would be the headquarters of the new Paris Opera and Ballet Company. A project contest was proposed in 1861, with the winner being the architect Charles Garnier.

The Garnier Palace was inaugurated on January 5, 1875. In its inauguration the third act of the opera La Juive, by Halévy, among others, was presented, while in the representation of Ballet it offered a representation of the scene Le Jardin Animé de Joseph Mazilier.

As for the architecture of the building, its style is opulent, ostentatious, adorned with marble friezes in different colors, statues and columns of classical style but luxuriously adorned. Very ornate interiors, full of velvets, gilded, impressive crystal chandeliers, paintings, etc. The exterior with beautiful bronze busts representing the greatest composers among which Mozart and Beethoven stand out.


8, Rue Scribe, 75009 Paris

Open every day: from 10am to 5pm

From 17 July to 11 September: 10 am – 5:30 pm


Adults: 10€.

Youth (less than 25) and students: 6€.

Children (less than 10): free entry.

Free entry with the Paris Pass.

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