Treat yourself to a shopping spree at the Armani Boutique in Paris 8 near our central luxury hotel in Paris. The collections from this luxury brand exude elegance and charisma to reveal the personality of those who wear them. Getting to Armani Boutique from the hotel Bowmann in Paris is quick and easy.

Giorgio Armani known as Armani is an Italian luxury fashion house that was founded by Giorgio Armani. The brand designs manufacture and distribute a wide array of products. These products are all marketed under different labels.

First is the Giorgio Armani brand that specialises in men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, glasses, cosmetics, and perfumes. The luxury items can only be found in Giorgio Armani stores, a few speciality clothing stores and some high-end department stores. You can spot these products by their logo which carries a G completing a curved “A” to form a circle.

The second brand in the Armani lineup is Emporio Armani. It focuses on current trends and modern traits with their ready to wear and runway collections. This brand along with the Giorgio Armani brand are the only two that the founder himself works on. This is why they both are featured during Milan’s fashion week while the others aren’t. Emporio Armani products can only be found in Emporio Armani boutiques and online.

Armani Collezioni is identified by the logo which has black writing on a white label. Usually, the Armani is larger with a small Collezioni underneath it. This brand makes custom-tailored suits and shirts by following standard size base patterns. These garments can be found in two freestanding stores in Milan and Paris and department stores and outlets.

Next brand in line is Armani Exchange that was launched in the US in 1991. This brand was inspired by street-choc culture and dance music with its fashion and lifestyle products. Armani Exchange items can be found in 31 countries in the world and on the brand’s website making it the most accessible brand in the lineup.

Armani Junior caters to babies, toddlers and teenagers up to sixteen years old. This brand has a sub-label, Armani baby. The products in these brands include baby clothing and accessories, T-shirts, pullovers, suits, shoes, hats, shirts, belts, bags, underwear and accessories for children and teenagers. These items are carried in a total of 308 Armani stores and selected department stores.

The Armani brand also includes Armani/Casa that consists of furniture and home collections. Additionally, there is Armani/Dolci which is a confectionery brand. Then there is Armani/Fiori which is an exclusive floral service. Last is the Armani brand is the Armani/Hotels which seeks to build and operate seven luxury hotels and three vacation resorts under the Armani name.

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