As much as Paris is known for romance, it’s also known as a city with a rich art culture that stems back centuries. And in the city, there isn’t a location known for unique Parisian art like the Moulin Rouge. When you go to a show at the Moulin Rouge, get ready to immerse yourself in a completely unique and authentic Parisian experience.

But before you head to a show at the Moulin Rouge, there are a couple of things you need to know. In this guide, we’ll give you a quick look at the Moulin Rouge, and why it’s worth your time if ever you find yourself at a hotel in Paris centre.

A Wide Variety of Prices

There are a wide variety of different shows at the Moulin Rouge, and they’ll usually have different ticket prices. There are standard tickets that only give you admission into the shows, while there are also packages that come with a meal or bottle of champagne. Either way, it’s very easy to find a show or package that fits your tastes, preferences, and price range at the Moulin Rouge.

There’s a Dress Code

Moulin Rouge shows are fairly fancy events, so make sure to dress for the occasion. There aren’t strict dress code rules and it’s far from a black-tie event. However, if you find yourself going to a Moulin Rouge show, make sure not to wear flip-flops, tank tops, sportswear, and leisurewear.

The dress code for the Moulin Rouge is described as smart dress, so a nice shirt, the jacket would be fine for men and a nice dress or suit would also be a great fit for women. For more information about the dress code and other rules, you can always visit the Moulin Rouge website.

What to Expect at a Moulin Rouge Show

A Moulin Rouge show is a risque event, so you can expect there to be topless women. While most shows allow children six and older to enter, if you have issues with public nudity, it may not be the show for you. But since Paris is known for its open and rich art culture, it would be a shame to miss a show at the Moulin Rouge if you find yourself in the city.

When at a show, no photography or videography is allowed. Breaking these rules may result in staff asking you to leave the premises and exit the show. The Moulin Rouge is in a “red” area in Paris, with a lot of adult entertainment. So, if you aren’t comfortable with that, you might want to leave the premises of the show right after the performance.

Getting to the Moulin Rouge is also quite easy. We recommend that you get a boutique hotel in Paris centre as that will grant you easy access to the Moulin Rouge and other fantastic experiences in the surrounding area.


Are There Hotels Near the Moulin Rouge?

If you aren’t in a hotel and spa in Paris centre or a hotel by Paris train station, then you might want to consider booking near the Mouline Rouge, especially if you’re looking for an adventure. There are many beautiful hotels near the Moulin Rouge, and they can add a wonderful twist to your Paris vacation and make it much more memorable.


If you’re planning a visit to Paris, the Moulin Rouge shouldn’t be skipped. If you can, try and book a ticket as early as possible to guarantee your attendance. Shows at the Moulin Rouge are wild, fun, exciting, and you can even order food and drinks at the location, making for a great time.