Paris is called the “City of Love” for a reason. The city hosts an aura of romance that is simply unmatched by any other place in the world. From its beautiful attractions to historic and captivating architecture, all the way to the famous open culture of the Parisians, Paris is a wonderful place to fall in love.

And to truly feel the atmosphere of love in Paris, you need to check out some of the most romantic spots in the city. This all should start by booking a hotel in Paris centre, which will give you easy access to all of the romantic spots in the French capital.

The Wall of Love

The wall of love is a beautiful spot tucked away in Jehan Rictus Square, close to the Abbesses Metro Station. The wall of love celebrates love and peace and could be a great place for you and your partner to declare your feelings for each other. The wall unites people through love with over 300 inscriptions of the phrase, “I love you”, written in a wide variety of different languages.

If this attraction is a must-visit, then be sure to get a hotel by Paris train station for easy access.


Parc Montsouris

There are few things you can do in Paris that are more romantic than a walk through the park. And there isn’t a park with an aura of romance like the Parc Montsouris. This is a massive park in the 14th arrondissement where you and a loved one can walk around and immerse yourself in the beauty of the flowers and trees.

The park contains wide open spaces, beautiful flora, a lake, and even waterfalls and caves. This is a wonderful break from the hustle and bustle of the city and remains a haven for lovers from all over the world.

If you’re looking to relax and unwind with a loved one in Paris, the Parc Montsouris should be your first choice.

The Eiffel Tower

Arguably the city’s most famous destination, it’s also one of the most romantic. While you might have to wait in line for a fairly long time before you can really enjoy the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, it’s more than worth it. The Eiffel Tower has remained a favorite location for lovers to propose marriage, declare their feelings, and share a romantic kiss worthy of the movies. Paris’ “Iron Lady” has constantly watched lovers develop feelings for each other and cement their love forever.

But since the location is usually crowded year-round, one of the best ways to truly create romantic memories is to take a step away from the crowd and view the tower from an unconventional location. That way, you can immerse yourself in a unique, yet familiar experience, which is a great parallel to how it feels to fall in love in Paris.

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If you’re heading to Paris with a loved one, it’s essential to immerse yourself in romance. After all, that is one of the things for which the city is most known. A hotel and spa in Paris centre is a great place to capture the energy, but even if you stay in more modest accommodation, Paris never disappoints when it comes to romance.

And if you visit any of the locations mentioned above, you and your lover will truly immerse yourselves in a type of romance that is usually reserved for film and literature.