Are you looking for a luxury experience in Paris? Cartier© is an ambassador of French jewellery and luxury watches all over the world. The company is nowadays owned by Fairmont, but the original story is iconic. Discover the history of the King of jewellers and visit the first boutique shop ever opened in Paris when you stay at our luxury boutique hotel on Haussmann Boulevard.


Grace Kelly wearing a Cartier ring

Cartier© was founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier. At the time, he was an apprentice of Adolphe Picardat. He took over the jewellery and develop his unique talent. He was soon recognised by the prestigious Parisian clientele. The company stay in the hands of Cartier’s family and in 1899 the sons of Louis-François set up a Cartier© store in La Rue de la Paix, close to Place Vendôme. The brothers expanded the empire, after a trip to Russia that fascinated them, installing a first Cartier© store on Bond Street, in London, England, enjoyed by the aristocratic clientele of 1909. The same year, a branch of Cartier also opened in New York, reaching a new type of clientele.

Cartier© was also strengthened by the endorsement of personalities, like King Edward VII, king of United Kingdom, Alberto Santos, dirigible pilot, Alfonso XII, king of Spain and later, Hollywood celebrities.

The brand also educed the Indian Maharaja of Patiala, who ordered a necklace composed of 2930 diamonds in 1911. From this Indian inspiration, Cartier© will create its iconic Panthère model.

The brand eventually diversifies its products with bags and perfumes, but the creativity and innovation of Cartier© keep going.  From emblematic product and collection like the Panthère, tank watch, available nowadays in different models and customizable the company is adapting to new trends and technologies.

Iconic models

As any luxury brands, Cartier© has its iconic model, either for engagement rings or watches:

  • Trinity de Cartier©, wedding ring composed of three rings: one pink gold for love, white gold for friendship and gold for eternity
  • Tank watches, created in 1917, that you can find with different wrist bands
  • Panthère, from the rings to necklaces and watches, it is the maison’s signature

Where to find a shop in Paris?

Cartier© is largely represented in Paris. You will find corner at the two department stores near Bowmann Hotel, but for a wider choice, you can go to the first boutique ever opened at 13 Rue de la Paix, close to place Vendôme. The boutique is opened from 11 am until 7 pm.

While you there, you can also enjoy going to Place Vendôme, mythic place in Paris, with several great jewellers. Enjoy your stay at Hotel Bowmann Paris and get in touch with our Concierge if you would like to book a VIP Shopping Experiences at Cartier.