Paris is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world at any time of the year. But, when Christmas arrives, it gets even more beautiful and dazzles its citizens and all those visitors who have decided to come to the city on these designated dates. The city of light pays homage to its name and lights up. It illuminates one and leaves everyone speechless. So make sure to visit our luxury hotel in Paris 8th district during this special time of the year!

If this year you have decided to come and celebrate the New Year in Paris you are lucky because this is one of the times of the year when you will seethe city more beautiful than ever. Although it is not usually a city flooded by snow this city does not fall short in Christmas spirit as the city is covered with a blanket of lights that illuminate any corner.

Unlike Christmas that is celebrated as a family, the arrival of Père Noël at the end of the year is an occasion to celebrate it with friends. In spite of that the festive meal par excellence in this time is the foie-gras, the roasted turkey, the white blood sausage and the Christmas dessert “Buche de Noel” is served, a cake in the shape of a trunk covered with chocolate and filled with cream or truffle. All this is accompanied by excellent wines and champagne.

One of the corners that you should visit for this time is the Printemps Haussmann shopping center. This year we are surprised with the novelty that the public can choose the Christmas lighting through an app for your smartphone that can be download in AppStore or GooglePlay called#ONLYHAUSSMANN. From December 29th you can approach the iconic shopping center and play with the lights, colors and speeds simply by downloading this application.

Parisians usually celebrate the New Year surrounded by friends and the most usual place to do it is in Los Champs Elysées. This central location is the place chosen to start the new year in a great party. The avenue, almost 2 km long, is full of people from the triumphal arch to the Plaza de la Concordia. And it is that the Parisians do everything in a big way and turn the center of the city into a big party surrounding themselves with friends and strangers with whom they spend all night toasting.

Do not think twice, pack your suitcase and surround yourself with new luxury experiences in the most beautiful city in the world. Make your reservation at a luxury hotel in Paris and start your party.