Parisian elegance is well known all over the world, this city can be considered as a seat of fashion and elegance. If you are interested in luxury experiences – Chanel, finds itself into your vocabulary quite easily. Some of the greatest artists of this industry have started their careers or have been inspired by Paris. A giant of this industry of French origin is Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel, one of the most loyal defenders of elegance and femininity in all her products. The store is located in walking distance of our luxury hotel in Paris 8th arrondissement.

Coco Chanel began her career by opening a hat boutique in the I district of Paris near Place Vendôme and today this iconic boutique is still open. CHANEL is just 15 minutes walking from the VIII district of Paris, another of the most luxurious districts of this city. When her store settled, she expanded her market in the fashion industry, but also in perfumes and jewellery.


  • Gabrielle Chanel was born in Saumur, France on August 19, 1883 in a humble family. In 1910 Gabrielle opened her first hat boutique called “Chanel Modes”, at No. 21 on the Rue de Cambon in Paris. The simplicity that characterizes her way of dressing caused sensation and is imitated throughout the capital.
  • In 1921, the first Chanel perfume was produced by Ernest Beaux, who created perfumes for the tsars. Nº 5 takes that name because it was the fifth perfume presented to Mademoiselle Chanel. This perfume is considered the purest symbol of femininity. Mademoiselle Chanel found the formula of the eternal feminine.
  • “Les parfums Chanel” was created in 1924 by Pierre Wertheimer – in collaboration with Coco Chanel – to produce and sell perfumes and beauty products. Theophile Bader, founder of the successful French shop Galeries Lafayette, was the man who introduced Coco and Wertheimer.
  • “I want to cover women with constellations.Stars, stars of all sizes. ” Coco Chanel’s confession to the French newspaper L’Intransigeant defined perfectly the set of pieces in diamond and platinum that the couturier presented to the world in 1932. It was her first(and only) collection of fine jewellery, but it was enough to put legs up the field of luxury and, incidentally, continue inspiring his successors 85 years later.
  • 1955 Mlle Chanel launches the Bag”Matelasse” 2.55. This bag combines its quilted look with a metallic chain offering comfort to the women who wore it by freeing their hands.
  •  1957 bicolour shoes, designed in beige leather with a black tip, causes a surprising effect since it makes the foot appear shorter while giving the impression of lengthening the leg.

Gabrielle Chanel died in 1971 and a few years later Karl Lagerfeld, specifically in 1983, was named artistic director of fashion Chanel.Taking charge of the design of the Prêt-À-Porter haute couture collections and accessories.

Nowadays Chanel is still a benchmark of fashion and elegance synonymous with luxury and exclusivity. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the first CHANEL store that existed, at 31 Rue de Cambon, 15 minutes’walk from the Bowmann Luxury Hotelin the VIII district.