Discover the world of Dior, one of the most influential fashion houses in the world. It’s origins date back to the first Dior boutique store nearby our luxury boutique hotel in Paris 8. Visit the upscale French luxury brand shop during your stay to connect with a key brand to the world-renowned Paris fashion scene.

Brief History About Dior

Dior has been a leader in the fashion world ever since it was established in 1946. Founded by Christian Dior, himself, he received a major boost as a designer when he was initially requested to design for an established brand, but insisted on creating his own.

Ever since the first collections from the fashion house, Christian Dior has been recognized for launching new looks. Dior consistently pushes the boundaries of fashion with the introduction of new materials, revolutionary silhouettes, and at times, controversial designs.

Christian Dior Evening Gown, “Zémire”

The popularity and status of Dior grew as the brand became a go-to label for celebrities. Custom-designed women’s dresses and theatrical pieces even caught the attention of Hollywood early on. Designs from Dior were featured prominently in major Hollywood films, making it a highly sought after brand.

Dior was managed under the direction of Christian Dior up until his death. Other prominent names have taken the head director role of the brand including Yves Saint Laurent and RAF Simons, to preserve its position as a leader in high fashion.

Dior High Fashion

Christian Dior, or Dior for short, was founded and currently headquartered in Paris. The French fashion house produces a range of luxury products – leather goods, accessories, jewelry, footwear, and fragrances. The house includes multiple subset brands: Christian Dior Parfums, Christian Dior Cosmetics, and Dior Homme (Dior was primarily a women’s label until the introduction of Dior Homme collection).

Dior has always been a face of high fashion. It’s the creator of haute couture, a niche of fashion reflected in many of the brand’s collections.

Boutique Christian Dior, Avenue Montaigne in Paris

With revenues in the tens of billions of dollars, Dior continues to impact the fashion world with creative designs and influence. Dior has been the subject of the film Dior and I, and a dedicated museum to the early collections.

Dior Boutique Shop in Paris District 8

In the early days, you may not recognize the first official Dior boutique store and showroom. Located in the prestigious District 8, the flagship Dior boutique shop opened at 30 Avenue Montaigne, at the corner of Avenue Montaigne and Rue François ler. It was just a townhouse in 1955 when Christian Dior set up shop at the location when it became known as the Grande Boutique.

Dior Boutique in Paris for Christmas

Today, the Grand Boutique Dior boutique shop remains a primary retail location for the brand. It was completely remodeled and reopened in 2001 with a more masculine influence when the brand began to include corresponding collections.

Visit the Dior boutique shop nearby Hotel Bowmann Paris. You’ll get a chance to see the first Dior shop that started the more than 200 shops worldwide. Exceptional detail is always given to the shop to provide you with a new experience every time you come. Shop some of the iconic Dior collections in Paris District 8.