Hermès is one of the most famous French luxury brand. It is a family-owned business for several generations, represented by its iconic logo composed of a carriage with a  horse. This logo takes its origin from the original products the brand was selling: horse harnesses. Discover more on this brand and go visit the original shop when you stay at our luxury hotel in the 8th district in Paris.

A bit of history

The first Hermès boutique was opened in 1837 along the Grands Boulevards, by Thierry Hermes, the founder. Originally from Germany, he moved to Paris with his wife and discovered the leather trade and harness craftsmanship. In less than 20 years, the expertise of the creator was recognized and he received different awards during the Paris Universal Exposition.

When Thierry Hermes passed away in 1878, his son took over and moved the shop to a new location, Rue Faubourg Saint Honoré, where the boutique still exists nowadays.

The first innovative bag ever created by the brand was the “Haut de Courroie”, a bag designed to allow riders to carry their saddles when they were going to competitions.

Product Selection of Hermès Frères
Hermès Frères Products

In 1902, Hermès became Hermès Frères (brothers in English) as the two sons were running the company.

In 1914, the company furnished the czar of Russia, an enormous order which allow the company to hire more saddles craftsmen. Furthermore, one of the Hermès brother managed to have the exclusive rights to use a zipper on leather goods, being the first one to introduce the device in France. This was the first step for the company to extend its product to more than just horse harnesses and equipment for riders, with the creation of a golf jacket for the Prince of Wales, thanks to the unique zipper.

A few years later, Hermès created its first leather bag. The idea came from one of the director’s wife, who couldn’t find a bag to her taste. The model was a smaller version of the “Haut de Courroie”.

In 1924, the company is expanding to the United States. In 1929, the first women’s couture apparel collection is introduced in Paris, first step for Hermès to become a luxury brand. In the next 25 years, the company kept on diversifying its products with the Kelly bag, silk scarf (Carré Hermès), bracelet and perfumes, to finally become what we know today.

Some iconic goods

  • The Kelly Bag, which became famous thanks to Grace Kelly, who used the bag to hide her pregnancy on a picture.
  • The Birkin bag, the bag which has the longest waiting list of all time. Once ordered, you can expect a 6 years wait. However, it is worth the wait as you will be receiving a unique product. The bag is named after Jane Birkin, actress, who met one founder one day on a plane and expressed her need for this bag.
  • Carré Hermès, the silk scarf, in square shape. The brand sells one every 20 seconds around the world.
Hermès Store in Paris city centre.
Hermès Store in Paris city centre

When you stay at our luxury hotel on Boulevard Haussmann, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the original store, 24 Faubourg Saint Honoré Street, just few meters away from our establishment. The shop is opened from Monday until Saturday, 10.30 am until 6.30 pm. Enjoy your stay in Paris!