Jardin du Luxembourg, known as ‘Luco’, is surely a place where you can look back into years-old architecture and admire the historic elegance of Paris. Your stay at a hotel in Paris centre would allow you to be near this historical landmark which you can visit whenever you feel like it.

Jardin du Luxembourg has several buildings on the list. The Musee de Luxembourg, with its great collection of art and the Orangerie, housing Mediterranean plants. However, the centre of focus of this tourist attraction is the large garden with French-style statues, trees, and a large beautiful pond.

You can always go there for a family picnic to sit and eat with your loved ones, surrounded by the beauty of French historical architecture. However, if you are one of those who love to discover a rarity, then you can surely find solace in the southern part of the garden. There you will find an orchard with ancient varieties of apples, which are quite rare in the present day.

If you are accompanied by your children, they will surely enjoy drifting toy sailboats on the central pond, known as Le Grand Bassin, watching marionette shows and pony rides.

Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris - Hotel Bowmann Blog

While sitting by the famous Medici fountain, built-in 1620, you set a romantic memory with your partner in the city of love. Paris, with all its romantic aura, is the best place to go with your partner,’ and Jardin du Luxembourg is a place where lovebirds can set the stage for a life of love.

After playing a pleasant game of chess with your friend in this garden, you can go to our 5* boutique hotel in Paris centre nearby and enjoy French delicacy and discuss your chess moves. After a long walk of discovery through this beautiful garden stretching about 23 hectares, you may want to relax, and for that, you can easily find our hotel and spa in Paris 8.

With this wonderful garden being in the Paris centre, you can stay in our 5* hotel on Haussmann Boulevard, allowing you to travel to explore Paris and the rest of France and stay near this beautiful place you can visit whenever you want. Jardin du Luxembourg is such a historical place that it must be placed on your travel itinerary for a complete exploration of the city of love, Paris.

We also recommend you to take all the covid-19 precautions before traveling to Paris to make your trip safe!