This famous French luxury perfume and cosmetics house is one of the most famous worldwide in the beauty industry. Lancôme has opened their first flagship store in the Champs-Elysées. This prestigious store is 300 sqm and offers fragrances, skin care and makeup. If you need something to extend your beauty line at home, it is the perfect moment to visit the Lancôme boutique during your stay in our 5 stars hotel in Paris 8.

Lancôme is founded in 1935 by Arman Petitjean. He was inspired by the French elegance that he wanted to deliver across the world. With his brand Lancôme he definitely realized this goal. The name of Lancôme was inspired by the ruins of the castle Le Château de Lancosme. It is surrounded by roses that are mirrored in the brands symbol of the single golden rose. In 1935 when Lancôme was introduced it started with the launch of five different perfumes at the World’s Fair in Brussels.

Soon after this Petitjean moved into skin care and introduced a multi-tasking repair cream that was launched in 1936, Nutrix. It is still available nowadays. In 1938 Petitjean introduced Lancôme’s best seller until the 60s, a rose scented pink/red lipstick. In 1964 Lancôme was taken over by L’Oreal. Nowadays Lancôme is a leading name in the luxury perfume and beauty industry. They are being represented by actresses, supermodels, makeup artists and perfumers over the years. Some of the big names that have worked with the brand are Isabella Rossellini, Kate Winslet, Anna Hathaway, Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz.

Lancôme keeps on having a great success within all areas of skin care, cosmetics and fragrances. They still develop new products and make sure women are able to buy nothing but the best in the market. They also developed a male skin care range to make sure they can enjoy the same luxury and elegance. One of their latest products is a lipstick range called “Rouge in Love” featured by Emma Watson. She split the 24 shades into 3 different categories, depending on the time of the day.

If you decide to visit the Lancôme boutique it is also possible to visit the Spa upstairs. Here you can enjoy a facial or body care with the best Lancôme products, by appointment. During the seasons Lancôme offers exclusive editions and limited editions that are only available in their flagship store. If you plan to bring a unique gift home, it is possible to personalize your bags or gift boxes. Enjoy your stay in our hotel on boulevard Haussmann!