Lido de Paris is one of the premier shows happening every night in Paris. When visiting you can expect a night of entertainment filled with dancing, singing and many other unique talent.

Make sure to stay at the luxury hotel in the 8th district, just around the corner from the Lido de Paris. If you’re interested in the even more extraordinary – the Lido de Paris offers a VIP Experience which adds perks that make the show even more magical.

What is Lido de Paris?

Lido de Paris is one of Paris’s top live show entertainment events. The extravagant show provides the audience with a visual masterpiece. A wide array of talent is showcased at Lido de Paris, from dancers, singers, acrobats, skaters, and more. No two shows are the same as the live-action taking place right in front of your eyes.

Lido de Paris is the thing to do in Paris for anyone interested in an extraordinary night out. From the amazing show to the overall venue experience – including VIP options, you’ll have a night to remember.

What to expect at the Lido de Paris Show?

Every night, the talented lineup of the performers during the Lido de Paris show entertain guests for a remarkable night. The breathtaking show headlines with the Bluebell Girls – a dance group who’s been performing for over 70 years. The Lido Boys, Mansour, and Masha are a few other notable names from the showcase.

Lido de Paris is inspired by the extravagant and classy elegance of Paris. The show combines many elements from the city’s past, present, and future for an entertaining visual experience. Talented performances include dancing, singing, tightrope acts from acrobats, skating, and a circus artist.

There’s something for everybody at the Lido de Paris show. Guests are entertained with bright colors, great music, and great talent gracing the stage with every scene. Lido is top-rated and known for having some of the most beautiful girls in the world to perform.

Lido VIP Experience

The VIP Experience of the Lido de Paris is the best way to experience the show. It includes dinner and a show. You’ll dine from a classy menu before enjoying the evening performance.

Dinner includes two starters, two main dishes, and two desserts. You have the option of adding drinks and additional guests. The dinner menu has options for everyone – try one of the signature Red label chicken supreme or the marinated salmon. Vegetarian menus are also available upon request.

After dinner, you’re provided with early seating with plenty of time before the show starts. The Live VIP Experience seating is a true luxury. Enjoy the show from the balcony view overlooking the stage or from the main room. Seating also has options for champagne bottle service during the show.

Getting to Lido de Paris

Lido de Paris is located at 116 bis Avenue des Champs-Élysées 75008 Paris in the 8th district. It’s in the hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Guests at Hotel Bowman benefit from the easy access to the district tin which the Lido Venue lies.

The luxury boutique hotel in Paris is only a 20-minute walk to the Lido de Paris. You’ll arrive in a car in less than 10-minutes. The hotel is the perfect location for enjoying the bustling area of Paris.