Located close to many shopping centres and luxury stores, our central luxury hotel in Paris is the ideal place to be. Immerse yourself in the shopping culture of Paris by paying a visit to Longchamp, the French luxury brand that specializes in luxury leather goods.

Founded by Jean Cassegrain who took over his father’s tobacco shop in 1948 became the producer of the world’s first leather-covered pipes. After success with the pipes, Cassegrain later diversified and expanded his line of products to include leather accessories such as wallets, bags, and others.

Originally known as “Jean Cassegrain et Compagnie”, Jean realised it wasn’t working since the family name was already being used by another business that was selling fine paper in Paris. He renamed his company after the famed horse track on the outskirts of Paris. Ironically, a flour mill was visible along the edge of the racecourse so one can argue that Longchamp got its name as a tribute to the flour mill. Considering the name “Cassegrain literally means “grain breaker” in French, Jean somehow still got his name represented in the company.

By the 1950s, Cassegrain was exporting and selling his products across all continents. Longchamp has become a worldwide business and is one of the first European brands to be sold in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In 1971, Cassegrain created not only the very first handbag of the company but also the first handbag in the world using nylon. The handbags were made out of a combination of leather and nylon.

Cassegrain released a collection of these bags which were a huge success due to their size and lightweight nature. He also created the Xtra bag, the predecessor to its most famous piece, the  Le Pliage handbag. The Xtra bag folds down to a quarter of its size. These were welcomed creations since it meant that no had the need to carry around heavy suitcases any longer.

The most famous piece invented by the company is the Le Pliage handbag, a practical yet stylish fold up bag. It was created in 1993 by Philippe Cassegrain, the son of Jean Cassegrain who became the CEO of Longchamp in 1983. Le Pliage means folding in French and the handbag does just that. It folds into a distinctive shape that resembles an envelope yet large enough for all your clothes and accessories. Additionally, handbags such as the Veau Foulonné leather, the LM-print motif, the Gatsby, the Légende, the Cosmos, and the Gloucester are also famous pieces from the company.

Today, the brand is still owned and operated by the founding family, the Cassegrain. They have gone beyond producing handbags and luggage with their line of products that now includes fashion accessories, women’s designer clothing, and a shoe collection.

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