There is no denying the fact that the Canal Saint-Martin has always been a source of fascination not only for Parisians but also all tourists around the world. If you want to explore the phenomenal and tons of discarded objects, you must include this canal in your itinerary as it would provide a luxury cruise.

Undoubtedly, you would be enjoying a cruise awash with a host of wonderful things on this fantastic canal. As you get to Paris, you can stay at our central luxury hotel in Paris owing to its proximity to this canal and other wonderful attractions of the city.

Moreover, you would also be able to watch several barrages and many boats navigating the series of passes and locks under the fascinating cast-iron footbridges. Taking rest and getting adjusted, you can start your trip by taking a luxurious cruise.

There are many types of cruises available on this canal, and it would be better to take such a cruise that could combine the charms of this unprecedented and illuminating Canal Saint-Martin and the Seine River. In this way, you can explore Paris differently. I am sure that you will be surprised to use this unique and luxurious cruise.

This combines the attributes of the charmful Saint-Martin canal and the Seine River, whose drainage basin lies in Paris and located in northern France. Indeed, it is extraordinary and the best of either world, extending from the historic Canal Saint Martin to the River Seine.

Cruise on canal Saint Martin in Paris - Hotel Blog Bowmann

Henceforth, you can board next to the sumptuous and deluxe hotel and spa in Paris 8, hardly any steps far from the famous Place de la Republique. You can continue and keep along with the canal water and explore this phenomenal Saint-Martin lined with lush trees and passing a waving bridge and a few locks under the enigmatic Bastille tunnel. This cruise would take you to the fascinating Arsenal Marina, and in due course of time, you would arrive on the River Seine.

It would be a good opportunity for you to take advantage of a spectacular place and its view of the renowned Notre Dame Cathedral. You would be witnessing its magnificent and famous monuments being the heart of the capital. For instance, youth can enjoy several picturesque sights and panoramas of wonderful and historical places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Assemblée National, the Louvre Museum, the Orsay museum.

Afterward, the Cruise would take you towards the prominent city Island, which is located on the bottom of Saint Chappelle, and the Conciergerie, where you further explore the city’s illuminations.

Having a busy day out, you can find many restaurants and rest houses, but your stay at a 5* boutique hotel in Paris centre would be more than comfortable due to its pleasant and cozy environment.

I am quite confident that your trip will be luxurious because the cruise would take you to unique and cool places and it would be one of the unforgettable tours of your life.