Awesomely, Paris during Easter is glowing to be around. If you are planning to tour Europe, especially France, you must include Paris in your itinerary. You would have a glorious and luxurious excursion in the colorful city of Paris that gets ready to celebrate spring. Rest assured, you would be experiencing a host of tantalizing celebrations during Easter in Paris.

Indeed, you can have a luxury Easter in Paris by witnessing picturesque, splendid, and beautiful churches, cathedrals, staying at luxurious and comfortable hotels, touring historical places, and having sumptuous French food in a pleasant environment. In this respect, your stopover at our luxury hotel in Paris centre will provide you with easy access to various enormous locations.

Furthermore, by staying at our boutique hotel in Paris 8, you can enjoy chocolate tasting gatherings at chocolatiers, cheerful brunches, and treasure hunting ventures during the convivial advent of Easter nearby. If you love traditional carnivals and want to observe thrilling processions, you can find them in every nook and corner of Paris.

The city celebrates the festive occasions awash with many traditional events and special concerts with regard to Easter. You will see some of the spectacular egg hunts thereof occurring everywhere in the city.

Moreover, you can be part of celebrated activities especially associated with lunch and dinner. It would be a very good idea to avail such things as you might be finding very few numbers of restaurants during the Easter holidays.

In fact, you can also indulge in an enjoyable and fantastic Easter lunch by means of a boat ride down the romantic and phenomenal Seine River. You would get amused with lavish and sumptuous authentic French food aboard.

Luxury Easter in Paris

During a two hours cruise on LA Marina, you will witness a few bridges of Paris, including the gorgeous Pont Alexander III, Pont des Arts, in addition to some prominent sights of Grand Palais, Notre Dame Cathedral, etc.

Having had such a cheerful cruise trip, you can come to our hotel and spa in Paris to get fresh. This would provide you to visit nearby places like the Parc Andre Citroen where you would find several activities taking place there such as Coloring, the Electric road, etc. Therefore, you should attend a luxurious dinner on the top of the Eiffel Tower to make your tour unforgettable.

While spending a magnificent evening at Eiffel Tower, you will love the panoramic view of the romantic city of Paris. To add more to your luxury Easter in Paris, you should also travel to the vicinity for a day-long visit to the illustrious Palace of Versailles. It is the World Heritage site recognized as a hunting place used by Louis XIII as his sojourn. You can enjoy various exhibitions during your visit to this palace.

Moreover, you would have an opportunity to spend your Easter Sunday at the Palace’s extensive and flourishing gardens in addition to a lot of musical shows. While en route to the main city from the outskirts, you can stay in our luxury hotel on Haussmann Boulevard located in a privileged location.

The stay at a boutique hotel would reinvigorate you, and you can visit Disneyland for an Easter egg hunting show. Scampering through Disney along with your special characters, you would experience an unrivaled pleasure.

Taking into account well-featured Easter occasions and events awash with countless amusements, you can make your tour to Paris in Easter memorable. However, you must be well prepared while leaving for Paris, especially during Easter.