The Mauboussin Boutique in Paris offers high quality jewelry in a more moderate price range. So if you are staying at our 5* hotel in Paris it is definitely worth a visit if you fancy some nice French jewelry. The Mauboussin Boutique is based in Paris 8 and it is on a short walking distance from our boutique hotel on Haussmann Boulevard.

The Mauboussin brand is founded in 1827 by the French jeweler M. Rocher and his cousin Baptiste Noury. Together they established a retail store in Paris. Later they opened a new retail store under the name Mauboussin, the successor of Noury. In 1928 they established retail stores in New York, London and Buenos Aires. After the Great War there was a strong sense of equality. The brand flourished providing attention to women’s jewelry. During the 1920s Mauboussin won many famous prizes at exhibitions.

Mauboussin Brooch

In 1930 they started with the line called ‘Reflections’. This line was based on contemporary designs. During the 1920s and 1930s they designed many jewelries with emerald, ruby and diamond themes. In the 1940s and 1950s they created many beautiful pieces in a completely new style. The 1950s were marked by the arrival of Naturalist themes and the sense of movement and dynamism. In the 1960s and 1970s they used very figurative designs with flowers and birds. Also, there were many intense colors used. During the 1980s Mauboussin focused on the contract between light and shadow. All the shapes that they created suggested sensations which appealed to their clientele. In the 1980s Mauboussin also started to design luxury watches and the iconic Nadia and Olympe rings.

Mauboussin jewelry is still nowadays a high desired brand by many collectors. Over the years there have been many exhibitions with different themes. At this present time Mauboussin creates various collections of rings, jewelry and other works of art. It is still a successful brand that glorifies color and gaiety in a magnificent play of independence. The jewelry nowadays contains only natural gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, smaragds, rubies, amethysts, citrines and many more. It is possible to get a personal made piece of jewelry. The jewelry is made in France, Portugal, Italy and Spain. There are two famous lines of rings in the present time. The Chance of Love collection, that has a clover shape and the Dream & Love collection, that has a triangle shape. Both represent universal emotions with their symbolic shape. After your visit to the Mauboussin Boutique we welcome you to relax at our central luxury hotel in Paris.