Paris is the home of romance, as some say. Venice, Santorini, and Rome all have a strong romantic environment, but Paris holds the position of being the most romantic place. Couples should always have Paris as one of their honeymoon destinations. With so many romantic places in Paris, it is difficult to do justice to the beauty of each and decide the most romantic places in Paris. One place that every couple would love to visit to make a romantic memory is The Butte Montmarte.

You may stay at our luxury hotel in Paris 8th arrondissement as it is a few minutes from the beautiful hill of Montmarte and allows for proximity to many other romantic places. Montmarte will take couples to the beautiful art of Paris, as it is called the home of the artists. As you will be roaming through the alleys and narrow streets with beautiful shops and cafes, you will get to realize that many well-known artists, including Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh, had studios in this district of Paris. With so many tourists, some parts of this neighborhood may become choked with tourists, but you can surely find a quiet place for two in the cobbled streets.

Top of Eiffel Tower can be said to be as romantic as Montmarte, if not more. With its excellent view, couples will surely enjoy the romantic ambiance at the top of the Eiffel Tower. You can choose to stay at our 5* boutique hotel in Paris Centre near Eiffel Tower to wake up by the view of the symbol of love each day.

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When walking through Paris, you surely need to pass through the Pont des Arts known as the Bridge of Love. Previously, love birds could place locks on this bridge as a symbol of their protection for each other; however, now you may not be able to act the legacy but still standing at the middle of the bridge with your partner and experiencing the beautiful River Seine passing below you can be an invaluable memory.

After having a day out experiencing these romantic places, you can relax yourself and release your fatigue at our 5* hotel and spa in Paris. In the city of love, simply relaxing with your partner can also be a soothing experience to remember.

You may as well like to stay at our boutique hotel on Haussmann Boulevard if you like to have cafes and shops around your place of stay. Enjoying a great cup of coffee at a great café in Paris with your partner can also be a romantic experience. With its beautiful history and romantic architecture, Paris is the most romantic city in the world!