It is January already and in Paris, it means Fashion Week! One of the most glamorous fashion events is taking over the French capital and we love it. Paris Fashion Week 2022 is finally here, which is one of the most anticipated events in the fashion world every year, the reason why the luxury hotel on Haussmann boulevard, in Paris centre, is your best option for this years’ Fashion Week and is quickly getting booked up.  This year, you’ll see a little bit of everything, and it definitely something you shouldn’t miss. The last year felt like a pretty gloomy year for fashion, which came as no surprise considering the circumstances. But this year, designers seemed to tap into their playful side and showed off some of the chicest trends we’ve ever seen. Keep reading to learn more about this year’s Paris fashion week.



Paris Fashion Week Jacquemus Show - Luxury Experiences Paris

A bit of history…

Although it is common to think that Paris was a pioneer in celebrating a Fashion Week, it was not like that. The United States took advantage of the crisis that the French country was going through during 1943 due to the war. It was a process during which the production was paralysed and took the opportunity to celebrate in New York the “Press Week”, which was aimed at journalists and give visibility to American designers. This was the First Fashion Week, an idea that was later held in Milan (1957), London (1961) and Paris (1973).

Despite starting to celebrate Fashion Week 30 years later than New York, it quickly began to grow and gain importance. In the 80s, it was already the most mediatic and interesting event for the media that came expectantly to discover the new collections of the great French designers and also of the young creators. Year after year, great designers who made history follow each other on the catwalks: Yves Saint-Laurent, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier …

Paris Fashion Week Grand Palais Chanel - Luxury Experiences Paris

Although it was not a pioneer in the Fashion Weeks, we can not forget that the concept of haute-couture was born in France in the 18th century. A century later, the fashion shows were born in the French capital thanks to Charles Frederick Worth, a French designer of English origin, known as “the father of Haute Couture “. Launches in 1858, the first collections that go one step ahead of anything ever done before, was presented in the Parisian salons, on models of flesh and bone.

Ten years later, in 1868, thanks to the impulse of Frederick Worth, the Trade Union Chamber of Haute Couture was created, predecessor of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion (Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode). At present, it is the organism that organizes the Paris Fashion Week. Its main mission is to develop the fashion industry in France, to keep a calendar and to organize collections presentations.

In the 20th century, parades began to take place as we know them today, incorporating music and sets that became increasingly sophisticated and spectacular.

Paris Fashion Week Show- Luxury Experiences Paris

Today, Paris is the main protagonist of the Fashion Weeks season. And this can be explained by the numbers that register: a total of 6 weeks of fashion throughout the year: high costural in January and July, men’s fashion in January and June and prêt-à-porter  (ready-to-wear) in March and September.

What’s Happening In This Year’s Fashion Week?

Over the past two years, brands were forced to retreat to the digital space. While this made for some pretty interesting creations, it wasn’t like the Paris Fashion week we all know and love.
But this year is different. After two years without them, designers are finally hitting the catwalk again. Now, people have events and fashion shows to attend during the Fashion Week, which is a huge change from the past couple of years.

Paris Fashion Week - Luxury Experiences Paris
Paris Fashion Week Balenciaga - Luxury Experiences Paris
Paris Fashion Week Chanel- Luxury Experiences Paris
Paris Fashion Week Balenciaga 2022 - Luxury Experiences Paris


Leather accents were all the rage on the catwalk. Designers and brands like Hermes, Prada, and others showed off their new creations with subtle and striking leather accents. We saw it in London and in the Milan fashion week, so it would be no surprise to see it in Paris as well.

Paris Fashion Week Runway - Luxury Experiences Paris


Playful lace is all the rage this year. This is a new take on adding lace to fashion, and it’s a nice breath of fresh air considering the rather monotonous couple of fashion seasons in the past couple of years.

Paris Fashion Week Show - Luxury Experiences Paris

Events Calendar:

Dates of the fashion events:

  • Haute Couture Week from Monday, January 24th to Thursday, January 27th, 2022
  • Paris Fahsion Week Fall/Winter from Monday, February 28th to Tuesday, March 8th, 2022
  • Haute Couture Week from Sunday, July 3rd to Thursday, July 7th, 2022
  • Paris Fahsion Week Spring/Summer from Monday, September 26th to Tuesday, October 4th, 2022

If you are looking to attend a special show of your favourite designer, check on the show events calendar


Paris Fashion Week Saint Laurent - Luxury Experiences Paris

You Can’t-Miss Out on Paris Fashion Week 2022

Today, Paris is the main protagonist of the Worlds Fashion Weeks Season. And this can be explained by the numbers that register: a total of 6 weeks of fashion throughout the year: haute couture in January and July, men’s fashion in January and June and prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) in March and September.

This year’s Paris fashion week is set to be one of the most unique and refreshing ones in the past couple of years. After more than two years stuck inside forced to reveal collections online, visitors will finally get to experience fashion week first hand.
Even without going to shows, fashion week offers a spectacle to the eyes. In fact, even just being in city center would allow you to get right in on the action – the type of action we haven’t seen in nearly two years. The Fashion Week places can be tricky to find, so ask information to our concierge at our luxury boutique hotel in Paris center. You can also come and enjoy some luxury shopping surrounded by the greatest French designers.

Paris Fashion Week Jacquemus Winter Show - Luxury Experiences Paris