The Place des Vosges, originally Place Royale, is the oldest planned square in Paris, France. It is located in the Marais district, and it straddles the dividing-line between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris. During your Paris trip, it is definitely worth a visit as it has a great history. Another advantage is that Hotel Bowmann in Paris is conveniently located in the city centre, not far away from the famous Place des Vosges, which makes it the ideal place to stay.

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Place des Vosges Paris

What is Place des Vosges?

The Place des Vosges is one of the oldest squares in Paris, and also one of the most beautiful. Visitors stroll under the arches or along the paths of the central garden, taking time to admire the beautiful facades of red brick. The square is the ideal departure point for a walk in the Marais, one of the most charming historic neighbourhoods in the capital, with its rich heritage and special atmosphere.


Place des Vosges History

The history of Place des Vosges goes back to 1604. King Henry IV commissioned a pavilion at the southern end of the square. He then ordered 35 other buildings following the same design and forming a square. The result is a beautiful and early example of urban planning. The symmetrical square is surrounded by buildings with red brick and white stone facades constructed over arcades. The Royal pavilion at the centre of the southern side, the King’s pavilion, was built on top of a gateway. It is mirrored at the northern side by the Queen’s pavilion. The square was inaugurated in 1612 by Louis XIII, the son of Henri IV, as Place Royale. It was then a favourite place for duels, a strictly forbidden activity since 1626. In 1639, Richelieu, his minister, commissioned an equestrian statue of King Louis XIII at the centre of the square. Destroyed during the French Revolution, it was replaced by a new statue in 1825. In 1800, Napoléon changed the name of the square from Place Royale to Place des Vosges to show his gratitude towards the Vosges, the first department in France to pay taxes.


Square des Vosges Paris


Why is it worth visiting Place des Vosges?

First of all, Place des Vosges is a definite must-see when visiting Paris since it is a beautiful building with a great history. But next to that, around the square, there are also a lot of things to do and see. First of all, many people sit down at the lawns of the square to have a picnic and to enjoy the beautiful view with their travel buddies.

Another option would be to discover Paris within an hour, guided by a true Parisian loving their city. During this tour you will discover the secret gardens of the Marais neighbourhood, the Jewish area and the luxurious mansions of old French aristocrats. Also, visiting the house of Victor Hugo,which is a museum about Victor Hugo ( a famous French writer, poet and politician, known for his novel “Le Bossu de Notre Dame”) would be an option. In short, the Place des Vosges has a wide range of things to offer for all types of people or interests. 


What is the best time visiting Place des Vosges?

The best season to visit is undoubtedly between March and May and then again from October to November. During this period of time, the weather is still pleasant, and you can take a stroll around this historical square. You do not even have to wait in long queues at all the monuments and tourist attractions close by.

Between December and February, the weather is too cold and there may be rain. However, it is definitely the quietest period to visit the Place. 

June to September is the peak season when there are crowds and queues everywhere. The weather is, however, quite pleasant, and you could take a walk around the park in the evening breeze!


Place des Vosges Fountain


Where to find Place des Vosges?

Place des Vosges is located in the Marais district, and it straddles the dividing-line between the 3rd and 4th arrondissements of Paris. 

After a day of discovering the historical Place des Vosges and its surroundings, come on back to the boutique hotel and spa in Paris, and relax.