The department store Printemps, located on Haussmann boulevard is one of the best places to go shopping in Paris – and it is also part of the Parisian heritage. Since 1865, the building keeps growing, diversifying its products and services. Discover the story behind this emblem of the city and don’t miss the chance to go shopping there while you are staying at our luxury hotel on Haussmann boulevard.


The Printemps Haussmann shopping centre was built in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot, a self-made man. Initially composed of three floors, the Haussmann building is located quite far from the city centre (at the time). But Jaluzot and his partner Duclos believe that the area would develop in the next years, which it did. Le Printemps quickly a reference for all Parisian who wanted to stay on top of fashion, becoming the last trending Grand Magasin.

One year after its opening, the two associates created a concept that never existed before: seasonal sales, and it was a big hit! In 1874, the department store got bigger, with the addition of several floor and two new buildings. To complete this extension, two iron bridges were created to link the main building with the new ones and elevators were installed to access the upper floors. It was major innovations at the time, which consolidate the department store’s reputation.

Le Printemps had several prosperous years, with new extensions, until 1881, when a massive fire destroyed most of the store, except for the latest building acquired. But Jaluzot reacted quickly and rebuilding started. The building, thanks to the new footprint and technologies integration, become the archetype of the modern Grand Magasin(shopping centre).

A new director arrived in 1905, Gustave Laguionie, with big ambitions for Le Printemps. A new fire happened in 1923 and reconstruction is done with the same footprints than before the sinister. A new glass cupola is put in place, it is now the symbol of the department store. Building works go well and fast, and to celebrate, the showcases are turned into real piece of art, creating a buzz in all Paris. This tradition continues today, especially for Christmas.

Christmas time at Le Printemps

The store takes Christmas to another level and every year attracts thousands of visitors. Last year Nicole Kidman, the Australian actress, came to make the opening of the show.  This year will dazzle us again, with the display of its 11 interactive showcases from November 8th. 2018 guest star is the beautiful actress, model, screenwriter and film director Laëtitia Casta. You can enjoy the decorations until January 6, 2019.

In this year showcases, we can find different scenes such as a frozen valley of silver bears, some golden dunes with sheep and even houses made of cookies. These decorations have been carried out by the artists of Printemps Paris Marie-LaureCruschi and Claude Dehix.

Le Printemps Experiences

Le Printemps offers different services to enjoy a unique shopping session:

  • Personal shopper, for women and men: get comfy in a private salon where a professional will help you in all your purchases
  • Personal shopper for home: enjoy a private salon at the department store and let professional guide you to decorate your interior
  • Printemps Voyages: you want to plan your next trip? Travel specialists help you find the best destination according to your wishes

Discover all the services of Le Printemps by visiting it. Opening hours: from Mondays to Saturdays, from 9.40am until 8.00 pm and Sundays from 11.00 am until 7.00 pm.

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