Paris is one of the world’s most popular fashion capitals. It’s a place for great shopping where many of the top luxury designer brands originated from. Hotel Bowmann is conveniently located near the fashion district in Paris where you’ll discover the Saint Laurent Boutique Paris 8 shop. So make sure to reserve in advance at the boutique hotel in Paris to make your shopping trip as convenient as possible.

From the past to the present, Saint Laurent has remained a top fashion house. Fashion awaits you at the Saint Laurent boutique store.

Yves Saint Laurent

Brief History

Saint Laurent, or formerly Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), was founded in 1961 by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé. After an exit from heading Dior, Yves Saint Laurent set out to establish one of the most iconic fashion houses in Paris.

YSL is known for revolutionising the fashion industry with its signature Le Smoking suit. Released in 1966, this tuxedo suit for women transformed the silhouette for women with suit pants instead of a dress. The French luxury fashion house has famous collections throughout its history, including Pop Art, Picasso, and Ballet Russes.

The legacy of YSL is that it continues to be one of the top French luxury design houses. Transformative designs and stylish collections are what made the brand famous and what keeps the brand in the spotlight today.

In addition to making significant impacts on the fashion world, several fashion film projects have been developed about the YSL brand and Yves Saint Laurent. It’s also one of the first brands to host a fashion exhibit at the MET Museum in New York City with its founder.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marocco

Saint Laurent Boutique Stores

With the success of its fashion collections, Yves Saint Laurent opened up the first boutique store in Paris, the Rive Gauche Boutique. It’s still open today at 21 rue de Tournon in the 6th district of Paris. The shop gained prominence by specializing in ready-to-wear products. The shop also featured various leather goods, shoes, and accessories.

YSL has expanded over the years under the leadership of various talented designs. The French fashion house has opened up boutique shops around the world.

The most iconic YSL boutique store is Saint Laurent 32 Faubourg. Visit the store at 32 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris’s 8th district. The shop is also nearby top designer shops like Hermes and Chanel, making it one of the most popular fashion districts in Paris. You’ll find all of the brand’s signature collections available to shop to own a piece of one of fashion’s most sought-after brands.

Boutique Store in Paris

Saint Laurent is one of the premier shops in the Paris fashion scene. It continues to be a world-renowned fashion house that attracts fashion lovers. Hotel Bowmann is ideally located nearby the shopping district of Paris to visit the Saint Laurent Boutique Paris 8 shop. Staying at this luxury boutique hotel in Paris, will allow you to only be a stone throw away from the it-scene of Paris.

So make sure to visit the Saint Laurent Boutique Paris 8 shop the next time you’re in Paris. The signature stores represent a fashion house with a rich history that has made it a high demand brand today. Shoppers from all over the world come to the YSL boutique stores for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that’s rooted in forward-thing fashion.