In the romantic city of France, we have ample opportunities to have a romantic moment together but not alone. Paris has become one of the top tourist destinations due to its history and romantic aura. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to find a spot where you can get to enjoy yourself without the presence of many tourists. Therefore, we have decided to find some top secret spots where you can enjoy a moment alone.

First comes La Conciergerie: Royal Palace and Prison; this spot is UNESCO-listed, and therefore, it isn’t completely a secret. However, tourists can’t seem to find their way towards this historical spot. So, you can take advantage of the lack of awareness of tourists regarding this spot and visit this great Conciergerie without being surrounded by a horde of tourists.

Then, we would suggest the 14th-century Chateau de Vincennes. It began as a hunting lodge for the royals in the 12th-century. It is one of the most peaceful spots you will find in Paris. It is located in the eastern suburbs of Paris. If you stay at a hotel by Paris train station, you will get to visit this wonderful spot on a half-day trip without much hassle.

Another secret spot that we would like to recommend is Rue de Martyrs in South Pigalle. Here you will find more than 200 cafes, restaurants, and other shops. This place does not get crowded a lot so you will have a peaceful time of shopping and eating out at some great boutique hotel in Paris centre.

Following are some more secret spots: Marie de Medici Fountain (A great romantic spot), Saint-Etienne-du-Mont Church, Eglise Saint Sulpice, and Place Dalida. These all spots are great for a moment of peace, separate from the tourist crowds, allowing you to enjoy the moment.

After having a great moment at one of these spots, you may get tired. So we recommend you to go to a hotel and spa in Paris centre to release your fatigue and relax. You may as well stay at a hotel in Paris centre which will allow you to explore the best parts of the city without a lot of traveling.

Paris is a wonderful tourist destination, and your trip can become more pleasurable and enjoyable if you can explore new spots so do place these secret spots in your travel itinerary. These spots will allow you to explore Paris without the noise of crowds and therefore, you will get the best moments where you can experience the romance and history of this great city! We wish you a safe trip!