The tour to Paris is always exciting and full of beforehand preparations. All tourists flock into Paris, particularly during summer vacations due to its fascinating museums, towering the Eiffel Tower, cathedrals, and many other beautiful attractions like Saint-Germain des Pres, a village-like district.

Before leaving for a trip to France and especially Paris, every tourist needs to carry out some homework and identify the distinguished places worth seeing and must include in the itinerary. I am sure no one would miss a stroll through saint German des Pres in Paris, the conspicuous point of attraction for every tourist from all over the world.

Undoubtedly, this place awash with the combination of heritage and culture is quite worth exploring. You would not find any issue or problem regarding the accommodation over there as it is situated in the heart of Paris offering several nice places to stay. However, it would be better to choose our luxury 5* hotel in Paris center owing to its fantastic features. Your stay at this hotel would facilitate in many ways for the St Germaine des Pres is located quite nearer to it, and many other attractions can also be visited easily.

After taking some rest, you can begin your tour from the Left Bank, renowned for beautiful boutiques, famous intellectuals and of course ancient monuments telling the history of the land. As you set out to expose this wonderful district, you would start feeling a distinct experience only because of its village-like tenderness.

Indeed, it possesses a village feel. It would be expedient to start by exploring the beautiful Saint Germaine district. As you get there, you would find the imposing Elise Saint Germaine-des-Pres church that is said to be the only remains in respect of the Romanesque monuments and historical buildings in the city. Hence, this abbey is considered to be the most significant, being the oldest in the city. It has seen several exceptional occurrences in the history of Paris, like its capture by the seafaring people commonly known as Vikings.

Before proceeding to Cafe de Flore and Les Due Magellan, it would be better to have some respite at our hotel Bowmann in Paris that is located nearby.
As you stroll through the wonderful places of St Germaine, you would keep discovering invaluable things. The Cafe de Flore and Les Due Maggots had been typical meeting spots, especially for Paris artistic and literary world during the 20th century.

Stroll through St Germain des Près - Hotel Blog Bowmann

In due course of your walk, you might meet Guillaume Apollinaire, Pablo Picasso, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Albert Camus. Besides, the Brasserie Lipp is regarded to be a must-see place in St Germaine. Factually speaking, this place has been a constant feature of Saint-Germain for the last 140 years.

This place has always welcomed renowned and distinguished persons such as Proust, Camus, Malraux, and Guide, who contributed to the French literature remarkably. Moreover, you would enjoy the traditional dishes famous for their incomparable qualities.

Having visited the listed monument of the Brasserie Lipp you and spending a busy day out, you would need to take a rest. Our 5* hotel and spa in Paris 8 is a good place for getting fresh as it offers a host of good services. Taking a rest, you can resume your stroll further, and the Place de Furstenberg, especially the Muse Eugene Delacroix, is worthwhile to witness.

However, before moving on, it would be expedient to retrace yourself and stroll towards Rue Jacob, where you can find many beautiful galleries and bookshops showing the city’s traditional history. Therefore, you should proceed to Rue Furstenberg to see the pleasant Square, regarded as one of the most beautiful ones in Paris.

As you continue and proceed further, you would come across Musee national Eugene Delacroix. This museum was recently renovated. You can witness the great work of the artist using drawings, sketches, paintings, and watercolors. Moreover, there are no entry charges there. You would also be mesmerized differently by cultural activities as well.

While going further to the Monnaie de Paris, the Institute de France, the Pont des Arts, and making your way up Rue du Vieux Colombier, you need to stop over at our 5* boutique hotel on Haussmann Boulevard to get invigorated and animated. I am quite certain that your trip to Paris, particularly the stroll through Saint-Germain, would make you feel exalted and wonderful, and you are going to carry your lifetime memories.