If you are planning to tour Paris, your itinerary must include a visit to “Tea Time” at Ladurée. In fact, it is an old place with a bundle of nice things to taste. You would feel the upstairs tea room differently, making you realize out of time. Its menu list has got numerous delicious things, especially cakes, and a distinct tea to choose from.

Our luxury hotel in Paris 8th arrondissement near to this fantastic “Tea Time.” Your stay at this hotel would facilitate you with easy access to many attractions of the city, especially the “Tea Time” Ladurée. You will have the option of takeaway and delivery at Ladurée. However, we would recommend you to Dine in at Ladurée for the perfect experience.

You can only truly know how good Ladurée is by dining in. Takeaway or delivery doesn’t feel the same for such an iconic cafe. It would be pertinent to know about this place, especially its origin.

Ladurée has a long known history in Paris. It all began in 1862 when a man named Louis Ernest Ladurée decided to make a bakery in Paris at 16 rue Royale. Interestingly enough, the Garnier Opera House and the area surrounding Madeleine were also being constructed the exact same year.

With the passage of time, cafes in Paris became more and more popular. Cafes developed into more luxurious places as they attracted the Parisian high society. And this is how Ladurée is still standing strong as one of the most iconic tea-time cafes in the whole of Paris.

Tea Time at Ladurée Paris - Blog Hotel Bowmann

When you are undertaking your expedition in Paris, staying at our 5* hotel on Haussmann Boulevard would be a great choice, since not only would you have the chance of traveling to Ladurée easily, but also to other famous tourist locations in Paris. If you don’t like the traffic and rush near train stations, you could also choose to stay at hotel Bowmann in Paris center.

There is no denying the fact that the Ladurée has an average rating of 4/5 on the website, tripadvisor.com owing to its unprecedented and remarkable upscale services.

Most people who reviewed Ladurée’s services had positive remarks. Only a few people had tiny complaints but still loved the cafe nevertheless. Some just loved how elegant the whole theme of the cafe was. People mostly loved the outstanding flavor of the food and the dessert.

For most people, spending time at Ladurée was very memorable, and they even recommended others to visit the amazing cafe. Some people did say that they were a bit underwhelmed when they visited Ladurée. The only complaint that a few people had about Ladurée was that the service was a bit slow sometimes. I am quite certain that you would have a sublime tour of this phenomenal place with unforgettable memories.

Tours should be planned, and you should already decide what places to visit before taking off. Ladurée should be one of the places you must consider checking out. You will not find cafes like Ladurée anywhere else in the world. Visiting Ladurée will be a unique experience for you, as it is for everyone.