About 20 kilometres, south-west of our luxury hotel on Haussmann Boulevard, lies the famous palace of Versailles. From 1682, this grand property was home to Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great or the Sun King. More than anything else, Louis XIV was a connoisseur in the truest sense of the word.

His court at Versailles was the height of extravagance. Members of the French nobility gathered at royal balls, dinners, and parties. Whether it was fashioning the Palace of Versailles into the single greatest wonder of his day or overseeing a fashion luxury-goods service that reshaped the country’s economic standing. Louis XIV made a mark on French culture that endures to this day. The palace is said to be one of the greatest achievements in French 17th century art. Now it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Chateau is surrounded by the vast Gardens of Versailles. The gardens themselves are just as spectacular as the palace and are filled with magnificent fountains, canals, flower beds and groves. Perhaps the most-famous room in the palace is the Hall of Mirrors. The gallery extends more than 70 meters and the 357 mirrors bedecking the 17 arches opposite the windows, demonstrate that the French craftsmen in the 17th century could rival the Venetian monopoly on mirror manufacturing. Mirrors were extreme luxury items in the that time and a long held secret of the Venetian craftsmen. The room was also where the Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919, ending the First World War. Besides the mentioned, there are many more secrets to be discovered.

This can be done by a visit, keep in mind: Palace Tickets are priced at 18 € and give you access to the Palace, temporary exhibitions, the Coach Gallery, the Gardens and the Park. The Passport Ticket, priced at 20€, include the admission to the whole Estate of Versailles and Trianon. If you are looking for the best kept secret tips, enjoy horseback riding or just want to grant yourself a once in a lifetime experience, keep on reading…

A bronze equestrian statue of Louis XIV, located in the centre of the Place d’Armes, facing the Avenue de Paris.

Discovering the hidden gems of Versailles

Versailles, being such a famous Landmark in the vicinity of Paris, often comes with the disadvantage of being flooded with tourist. One way to escape the masses, in order to get the most from your visit is by pursuing the vast gardens by horseback. If you find yourself fortunate enough to ride through the royal hunting grounds of the magnificent Chateau de Versailles you will be able to enjoy the gardens from a vantage point that the average person never gets to see. On the contrary to a regular visit this can be a very intimate and unique experience, as your able to discover parts of the property not all tourists can access by foot. And the 815 acres of beautiful grounds were made to be ridden through, with lovely paths along lakes, avenues and fountains.

And what more does the heart desire after an enjoyable horse ride then a lovely, traditional French lunch with pastries, croissants, coffee or some exquisite French wine. This might just add the cherry on top of this magical experience. Although this all might sound like a dream, it is easily possible when staying at our luxury hotel near Haussmann Blv. Find more information here…

We hope you enjoy your visit to Paris!