If you are planning to tour Paris, ensure the trip to Champs-de-Mars and the Trocadero in your itinerary for having plenty of recreation.

As a matter of fact, the Champs-de-Mars and the Trocadero are two historical places awash with a large number of celebrations and tantalizing entertainment. More importantly, they are located nearby the third-longest River Seine of France.

Furthermore, you can also get at Eiffel Tower, the world’s most recognizable feature and monument. I am quite certain your excursion to Paris, especially at Champs-de-Mars and the Trocadero will be wonderful owing to their proximity to the host of the renowned historical and traditional landmarks.

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You can reach the Champs-de-Mars in a couple of minutes from the hotel. It would be best if you embarked on your tour by visiting the historical place of Champs-de-Mars, the largest public garden and surrounded by many famous places.

While visiting this largest green garden stretching from the Trocadero’s Promenade to Ecole Militaire, you would have an excellent opportunity to discover the underside of the Eiffel Tower. You would find a huge number of tourists as well as Parisians visiting the Eiffel Tower and enjoying delicious food.

If you want to experience a stunning view of the city and the French cuisine, you should visit 58 Tour Eiffel. You would admire both the pleasant view and the lavish dinner.

Furthermore, you can make a plan to visit Paris for a dinner cruise on the River Seine absolutely adjacent to this garden. Having had a day out, you better stay at our 5* hotel in Paris center to take a rest.

Visit To Champs-de- Mars And The Trocadero - Bowmann Blog

Having taken rest, it would be better to kick start your day with a Brilliant a la carte brunch with impressive gluten, scrambled eggs on chunky toast, and multi-grain pancakes with seasonal fruits.

After such an invigorating brunch, you got to start out on your next tour destination. Before going to the Trocadero, you must get to Bateaux Parisiens.

You would experience a  dazzling cruise, the perfect way to explore Paris in style. This cruise on the River Seine would provide you an opportunity to see many historical places. This cruise starts at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and continues for one and half hours. I am quite sure that you will get tantalized by amazing scenes by means of this comfortable and relaxing cruise.

You would have never been through such a unique and amazing experience. Moreover, you will also be served a dinner accompanied by romantic music.

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The Trocadero is an impressive place having plenty of things worth seeing. It comprises a host of beautiful gardens and historical buildings.

This place is situated on the north of the River Seine, and the Eiffel Tower is on its south. Once you get to this place, you will be welcome by an unprecedented view of the Eiffel Tower.

If you are fond of videography, you can capture a lot of momentous shoots and videos with Eiffel Tower in the background.

Moreover, there is a famous Palace called “ Chaillot Palace” in Trocadero. This place is also a home to many museums and underground aquariums to be around for gaining information. Having done with the scheduled tour, it is prudent to respite at our boutique hotel on Haussmann Boulevard due to a hectic day out.